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Robert Rodriguez has made another Spy Kids movie. Nothing really special about that except the movie claims to be in 4D. Now, I can’t conclusively claim that to be a falsehood as a) I have never seen the film and b) being a human, and not therefore able to perceive the fourth dimension, couldn’t actually see the movie “the way it was meant to be seen,” but I have my suspicions.[i] The full title of the film is Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. It is the film’s subtitle that I find worth mentioning. I can only assume that whoever named the film knew that the phrase “all the time in the world” refers to a commonly used cliché. I assume that they know the Spy Kids series makes numerous references to the James Bond film franchise. I can also assume that they knew that “We Have All the Time in the World” is a song written by John Barry and Hal David, originally recorded by Louis Armstrong for the 1969 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I cannot assume they know that On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is not only the most underrated James Bond film but were it not for starring the stale George Lazenby instead of then franchise regular Sean Connery,  it would be considered one of, if not the, best James Bond film(s).[ii] But that is neither here nor there. Now, for those who haven’t seen On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,[iii] and I suggest you do, I don’t want to give anything away. However, I will point out that the song “We Have All the Time in the World” is used in the film ironically. The song is used to communicate that we, people, do not have all time in world. Rather, the song tells us that life is short and most people do not know how long it will last. Nor do we know how long the ones we love will be around. The song reminds us that love is the most important thing in life. It is a thoughtful and sad meditation on life.

Now, it would seem that one of two things could be true. First, that the people who named the film never bothered to research or understand the reference they were making. Perhaps they thought, “It refers to James Bond and that’s enough. Besides I’ve seen the Pierce Brosnan ones and the old ones are…well, so old.” The second possibility is that whoever named Spy Kids: All the Time in the World really does know what the song means. If that is the case, that person wanted to make a kids movie with a title that reminds us of how life is too short and we never know when we are going to die. In other words, the makers of the latest Spy Kids film want children to know about their own mortality. Oh, and Jessica Alba is in it.

[i] Yes, I know they called it 4D because it is the fourth film in the series and, presumably will be screened in 3D, which does exist. I just think that is kinda dumb.

[ii] The presence of Diana Rigg and Telly Savalas as Erst Stavro Blofeld certainly helps.

[iii] This film is also one of those movies like Ishtar or Heaven’s Gate that people assume is terrible without actually seeing.